RCMP Search For Suspect


Generally I limit my posts to stuff that goes on here in the U.S. but I know I have at least a couple of readers from the Great White North (does that shit get old?) and when I ran across the story I wanted to make sure and put up a post right away.
A group of boys saw the man pictured to the left in the RCMP sketch attacking 14-year-old Emily Joy Stauffer being attacked  late Saturday afternoon and ran to get help but unfortunately help was too late in coming. The girl, daughter of the Pastor from the local Baptist church in the little town of 8,600 was dead. More than 30 officers are now looking for the man, described as being a white male, about 30 years old, wearing jeans and a blue jacket.
According to one report from a gentleman who lives near the crime scene it appeared as if she was strangled with a rope.
Emily’s father Terry is also a blogger and has a heart-wrenching post over at his site, New Lumps.
The folks in Edson, Alberta are pretty disturbed and struggling to deal with this horrifying crime in their town. Most of the kids were driven to school today for example, rather than walking. It’s unknown if he was a local and the RCMP is asking for your help in tracking down this scumbag and getting justice for Emily.
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