wyattmatteau.jpgUpdated Tuesday September 23rd – Affidavits have been released in the arrests of Rebecca and Jason Matteau. Rebecca’s uncle has been pretty outspoken in the case and has broken with the family as he is pretty upset and said that he had warned the mother several times about Jason leaving his gun lying around where the toddler could get to it.
The death has been ruled as accidental by the coroner but charges are still pending. Both of the Matteaus were released without bond and have an arraignment on October 1st.

I used to have a couple of guns when I was younger but sold them around the time that my first child turned one and could reach them. I just figured that it would be safer that way. Once the girls are old enough to understand gun safety (almost there now) I certainly wouldn’t be adverse to collecting a few more. Hell, if we keep moving toward a socialist state like we are I may need them soon.
Gun safety is pretty important and all kids need to know how to handle weapons as well as the fact that they don’t need to handle them. A child two years old is a bit young to understand guns though and if you have children that small they need to be kept locked up or not in the house at all.
Wyatt Matteau’s uncle tried to tell Rebecca and Jason Matteau just that fact two weeks before Wyatt died but apparently they either thought it wasn’t important or just didn’t believe him.
Jason Matteau kept his gun on the nightstand in a holster within reach of the two-year-old. Wyatt tried to get it but his mother grabbed the gun and told him ‘no!’ and then said “bad boo boos”, left the gun on the nightstand and went to the bathroom.
Two minutes later little Wyatt had shot himself in the eye and was pronounced dead at the hospital 90 minutes later.
Christ, how stupid do you have to be to ignore both warnings (from the uncle) as well as warning signs like the kid trying to play with the gun?
Both husband and wife have been arrested and charged with Criminally Negligent Storage of a Firearm and Risk of Injury to a Minor. The were released with no bail and are going to be arraigned on October 1st.
Regardless of how stupid they may have been I do feel sorry for them and their loss. That just plain sucks.