Shawn Barth Kept a Love Slave

In 2007 46-year-old Shawn Damon Barth dated the mother of a now 13-year-old girl and at some point in the last year even had custody of the girl for a while.
Police in Moorpark California arrested Barth last week and charged him with Child Rape, Oral Copulation on a Child and Continuous Sexual Abuse. Law Enforcement is alleging that this royal scumbag kept a 13-year-old locked in his motor home where he raped her on a daily basis.

 He let her out to go to school and eventually her school district tipped off police to possible abuse. The Ventura County Star has more information.
From what I have read police still don’t know why she was with Barth in the first place. She was never reported missing by her mother but right now the police are treating the mother and another woman as cooperative witnesses. 

Authorities today released new details about the arrest of a man suspected of keeping a 13-year-old girl as a sex slave near Moorpark.

Shawn Damon Barth, 46, was arrested Monday morning when Ventura County sheriff’s deputies, who were watching him, stopped his pickup truck in the Ventura area, said Detective Eric Buschow.

Authorities suspect Barth raped the girl daily for the past three months in a motor home parked in an orchard near the 4000 block of Hitch Boulevard west of Moorpark, Buschow said at a press conference at the Sheriff Department’s Thousand Oaks station.

The suspect was scheduled to be arraigned in Ventura County court this afternoon on charges of child rape, oral copulation on a child and continuous sexual abuse. He was being held in Ventura County Jail today in lieu of $1 million bail.

Barth allegedly kept the girl isolated in the motor home, parked more than a mile from the road, except when he allowed her to go to school, authorities said.

They have some video as well.

The Moorpark school officials contacted the Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified School District to try and transfer school records and were informed that there had been a molestation allegation against Barth and that they thought a restraining order had been filed against the man. That’s when they decided to contact the police.
He is being held in the Ventura County Jail on $1 Million bond.

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