Twelve Year Old Helps Catch a Scum Sucking Bag of Shit

aaronjoellee.jpgI was all set to type of something about AIG and personal responsibility and how the government shouldn’t be bailing out companies but I the more I think about the Soviet Union and state owned stuff the more I get pissed off so off I went into the internet to find some scumbag to post about. I didn’t have to look hard but this one has a happy ending. The only way it could be better is if it involved castration.
Aaron Joel Lee is a registered sex offender. He apparently was making sexually graphic gestures at a twelve-year-old girl and tried to get her in his car. She ran away from him but but did manage to get his license-plate number as she ran home to call the police.
In the meantime he was apparently making sexual gestures toward a woman who flagged down a police officer and told him what was going on. Right about the time that the first little girl called 911 the police officer was already pulling Lee over. The little girl was able to identify Lee and he has been charged with enticement of a child. He pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of Sexual Exploitation of a Child in September of 2006. Fortunately Enticement of a Child is a felony.
It’s nice that it ended this way because it all too easily could have gone very differently. Thank goodness someone else teaches their children to be smart about these things and that she had the wit to get his license plate number.
Littleton Girl, 12, Helps Cops Arrest Sex Offender

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