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    Very seriously. Apparently he must have an anger issue when he’s drinking as well as his buddy Michael Alan Steward could tell you. That’s if he weren’t dead at the hands of Christian of course.
    The arrest warrant states that police, fire and ambulance services responded to a call at 29-year-old David Christian’s residence around 3am Sunday morning. They found Steward unresponsive and took him to Mercy Hospital (Iowa City) where he was later pronounced dead.
    Christian says that he got into a fight with Steward during a chess game, who allegedly slapped Christian. David Christian then grabbed Steward’s hands and placed his head between his legs, applying pressure to his neck until he didn’t look so good.

    When officers asked him what that meant (“didn’t look so good”) Christian asked “Have you ever seen a dead person?”

    The dude has been charged with public intoxication as well as second-degree murder. He had his first court appearance on Monday where a judge set his bail at $500,000. He requested a court-appointed attorney and one was assigned.
    It’s really amazing how people can change after imbibing a bit. David was pretty competitive judging from his early accomplishments. While in High School he swam competitively and is a record holder in Iowa City for completing the 500-yard freestyle in just over 5 minutes. I have also read that he was the class of ’97 Valedictorian although I have NOT confirmed that. It would certainly fit a competitive nature.¬†
    Christian’s neighbors say that the two guys got together often and drank a lot, played scrabble and chess. He also doesn’t have any kind of criminal record that I was able to find, at least in Iowa.
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    • Jason says:

      I’ve known David since we were little kids. We went to the same church and were on the swim team together. He was a good kid. An excellent swimmer and a good student. Granted I lived abroad for several years and recently came back, but I’m shocked by this. He is a good person who made a terrible mistake and now he will pay for it for the rest of his life.

    • Oxyme says:

      look under the unsername gnubobo at
      he goes by anuother name, david christian

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