JamesDennis.jpg61-year-old Denver Police Technicial James Edward Dennis was arrested and charged with two felony accounts of sexual assault on a child in Arapahoe County back on September 22nd. Dennis worked at the Denver Police Juvenile Intake facility. He was supposed to appear in court today, still don’t know the results of that yet.

The Aurora Colorado Police Department’s affidavit for arrest says that back in March James Dennis too a young girl for lunch and then to a house for sale that was empty, where he sexually assaulted the girl and then told her not to tell anyone. She complained to his wife who also told the girl not to tell anyone.
After telling her mother and grandmother they went to the police who investigated it. James Dennis has been with the Denver Police Department since 1979 and is currently suspended without pay. He submitted his retirement papers earlier this week. Probably gonna need the retirement money to pay his court costs now. Going to be hard to get a job as a Wal-Mart greeter with Sexual Offender status I think it’s safe to say.
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