Casey_Anthony.jpgUpdate 5:45pm – The Orange County Sheriff made a statement that although Casey Anthony has been indicted and arrested they still have not completed the primary objective in the case, and that is to find little Caylee Anthony.

Update 5:40pm – Also according to the Orlando Sentinel the Felony Squad knew where Casey Anthony was at all times and finally pulled her over and took her to the Sheriff’s office.

Update 5:08pm – I’ve been told that Casey Anthony is now in custody at the Orange County Sheriff’s department. They have also unsealed the indictment. The seven charges include First-Degree Murder, Aggravated Manslaughter, Aggravated Child Abuse and four counts of Providing False Information to a Law Enforcement Officer.

Update 4:31pm – According to the Orlando Sentinel Cindy and Casey Anthony left Jose Baez’s office together for about an hour and now Cindy has shown up at home without Casey. They are reporting that she is believed to have switched cars somewhere on the way home. It’s also been reported that she has until 5:30pm EST to turn herself in.

Everyone’s favorite (not!) baby mama was indicted today for the murder of her two-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony. The Anthonys have been in the news since July when she finally reported her daughter missing after a month. Evidence that the police have painstakingly gathered over the last few months has led prosecutors to believe that little Caylee IS dead and they feel that they can successfully prosecute the mother for murder. The Orlando Sentinel has been reporting the developing story throughout the day.

The court has not officially named Casey Anthony as the defendant because she has not yet been taken into custody and of course I may be biting off more than I need to by naming her as the defendant prior to the unsealing of the indictment after the arrest is made. The courtroom opened up to the media at about 3:50 this afternoon and according to the Orlando Sentinel it was unclear at the time where Casey Anthony is at the present time, although according to WESH she is at her parent’s house.The judge has also said that the defendant will be held with no bond. I’ll update this post as the evening wears on.

The very last witness to be called before the Grand Jury earlier today was lead detective Yuri Melich, who was on crutches due to an earlier motorcycle accident not related to the investigation.
Jose Baez and his client Casey Anthony held a press conference earlier today and basically stated that if she were to be indicted she would turn herself in.
CNN as well as the Orlando Sentinel (linked above) has also been updating the story.
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