Casey Anthony’s mother says that Casey knows who has the toddler and her lawyer has urged the authorities to release his client from jail so that she can help investigators. If the woman was so interested in helping them they would have already found the toddler. Stupid bitch.
MSNBC is reporting more on this angle:

Casey Anthony knows who has her missing 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, but may have lied to investigators to protect the little girl, her mother and attorney said Monday.
“I know Casey knows who has her,” Casey Anthony’s mother, Cindy Anthony, told TODAY’s Ann Curry from the family’s home in Orlando, Fla. “I know Casey doesn’t know where they are right at the moment.”
Cindy Anthony said she might know more if investigators would allow her to speak with her daughter for more than a few moments. She has had one phone call with her since Casey was arrested last week for lying to investigators. She also said that a visit with Casey was cut short by police.

In the next video, CBS’ Lara Spencer spoke with Cindy and George Anthony, the grandparents as well as lawyer Jose Baez. Unfortunately I don’t have any sound to watch the video right now. MSNBC as well as some other sites are reporting that Cindy Anthony is telling the local media that Casey received a phone call from Caylee but the line went dead when she asked to speak to an adult.
Cindy also says that she is sure that Casey knows who has the girl but doesn’t know where they are at the present time. If this is really true then it’s in her best interest to let the police know what’s going on. If someone has her daughter and is willing to go on like this with all of the media attention then most likely they won’t have a problem dumping her dead body somewhere and bolting.

Prosecutors are saying what seems pretty obvious, that this is starting to look like a homicide and while they aren’t charging the mother (yet) she is considered a person of interest. Also, while it is starting to look like the girl is dead, Sheriff’s deputies still hope to find he child alive. According to CBS News a neighbor remembers Anthony asking to borrow a shovel around the time that the girl disappeared. Also according to CBS:

“The risk of her flight if she is released on some low bond increases exponentially, especially now that she’s heard this additional evidence and that she is their person of interest,” said assistant state attorney Linda Drane-Burdick.
Deputies emphasized they were still looking for the girl – alive – and urged anyone with information to step forward.