Apparently if Casey Anthony is indicted for murder Jose Baez may not be able to represent her, at least not without getting help from someone else. The Criminal Defense Attorney’s Association says that he doesn’t meet the standards for attorneys in capital cases. As lead counsel they have to have had five years experience as an attorney, have served as co-counsel in two death penalty cases and have demonstrated proficiency and commitment which exemplify quality representation in capital cases. That doesn’t mean he couldn’t be part of a legal team though.
So what’s the deal with the dress that was announced on the Nancy Grace show? From what I understand, it was found by someone other than Texas EquuSearch, was too big for Caylee, police don’t think that the dress is connected to the Anthony case and not only that, the origins of the dress seem somewhat dubious. Nancy’s gotta keep her ratings up though so anything that’s even semi-related to the case will be announced there including if someone sees Caylee’s face in a cookie in Amsterdam.
In addition to the Grand Jury meeting today Casey Anthony was scheduled to be arraigned this morning on theft and fraud charges. Jose Baez entered a written plea of Not Guilty and a waiver of arraignment back in September so neither of them have to be present at the arraignment.
All the stuff below this is older updates to the original post…Should Casey be indicted this is where I will post the update as well.