Updated August 29th 5:33PM
Casey Anthony’s bond revoked, to return to jail on Saturday?
Updated August 28th 2008 5:25PM
Tests show that a decomposing body had been kept in Casey Anthony’s Trunk. More details here.

Latest updates can be found here.

Update – August 20th 10:23 pm
Casey Anthony will be getting out of jail tomorrow. More info here.

Update August 15th 5:51PM
Casey Anthony to make bond. More on the story here.

Possible Breaking News in the Caylee Anthony investigation here. August 14th 2008 6:25PM

Update – August 10th 9:20PM
Casey cancels another visit from family. See here for more info.
Update – August 6th 2008 5:53PM
I am closing comments on this thread and moving all new updates to this thread. Check out that link for updates, all future updates will be there.

Update – July 30th 5:48AM
If you get the chance to read this entire article please head over and Digg this for me. Thanks! Also, go check out the Dreamin’ Demon for Caylee Updates as well as other crime-related stories.

I came across Casey Anthony’s arrest report here for anyone that is interested. I haven’t read through the entire document yet as I am running late for work yet again but there are some interesting points in it for those of you that may have a bit of time this morning. I will finish reading it when I get home later today. Here is the arrest report if you want to check it out.

Casey Anthony Arrest Report – Get more Docstoc Buzz

Update – July 30th 5:10AM
I ended up being fairly busy yesterday so I didn’t post at all about Caylee. There is news in the case but nothing good as far as Caylee is concerned. One more day has gone by without finding her. I am updating the time on this post so that it will show up on the main page again for a couple of days. If you are on the main index the rest of the entry will show up after the break, if you came straight to the article page itself it should all be there for you.
Anyway, on to the updates.
Casey Anthony’s attorney had filed a motion to get her visits and phones calls kept from the public. That went before the judge yesterday. Judge Stan Strickland of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals denied the motion stating that he would rather “err on the side of the first amendment”
According to the FOX Orlando article I was reading the Orange County Sheriff can decide what to release and not release as part of the investigation. That sounds to me a bit like the sheriff’s office has determined that the phone calls have nothing whatsoever to do with the investigation and that it is going in other directions.
Also, earlier this morning (late last night) I received an email in response to a request for a link having to do with a robbery and Zenaida Gonzalez. It’s not actually a news story but a forum topic over at “Brevard County Moms”. The forum topic is “I’m not that Zenaida Gonzalez”. I guess since that woman has the same name and lives in the state she is getting bombarded by media, gawkers, etc. On down the page one of the commenters is pulling supposition out of their ass and linking stuff together that may or may not be the case. I guess there is as much likelihood of it being the truth as there is of Caylee still being alive. Possible but not likely. Thanks to Dolly for the link!
If you read the long drawn out comment there by CGLRCNG basically what is says is there is another topic on the same forum entitled getting robbed. Apparently the woman on the forum over there was robbed on June 9th and some computers were taken. The commenter is making the supposition that since Caylee was missing on the 9th maybe Casey broke into the office and stole the computers. Since Caylee was actually not missing until at least the 15th the two incidents don’t seem related. I also think that it’s much more likely that Casey picked the name at random out of a phone book than she broke into an office and stole some computers. Since Zenaida posts at this forum regularly it’s also quite possible that Casey just ran across the name on the Internet at random and used it to give to police when she couldn’t think up another lie.

Update – July 28th 6:25PM
I missed this one (probably at work), but impqueen says that Caylee’s father has been tentatively identified as Jesse Grund. This is his MySpace page but it is currently set to private. No doubt because of all of the scumbags and dickheads that left nasty comments I am sure.

Update – July 28th 2008 5:44PM
So it’s been over a week and a half now since Caylee was finally reported as missing to authorities and what do we have so far? Zilch. More questions than we did last week. Casey’s brother Lee has said that there is confirmation of the place where his sister met a babysitter who kidnapped Caylee. He also mentioned that he knew of two other people that know Zenaida Fernandez Gonazalez as well but says he never met her. Lee doesn’t live with his parents so it would make sense that he not know everyone that his sister does and vice versa.
Police haven’t been able to locate Gonzalez and have as yet to get any proof that she actually exists. One of the commenters over here says that she saw this comment on another site:

“On June 9th the day Casey oringinally stated her daughter was last seen. Ironically there was a neighborhood break on June 9th and you wont guess the womans name who was robbed. Zenaida Fernandez and Gonzales.”

If you left the comment and have a link to the other site I would appreciate it. The commenter didn’t leave a URL to it so I haven’t been able to verify it. I have read a couple of conflicting reports. One that police can’t locate Zenaida and don’t know who she is and another that says Police have questioned Zenaida. WTF? Sounds like journalists taking liberal license with what they write and just pulling answers out of their ass to me.
August 1st there is a benefit planned to raise money for the search for Caylee Anthony. This was actually announced late last week. Any donation received will be donated to the Kid Finders Network. The benefit is at the Speed Park Motorsports in Daytona Beach from 4PM until midnight on the 1st. Hopefully Caylee will have been recovered by then. The grandparents will be there, there is no admission charge and it is open to the public.

Update – July 27th 2008 6:09AM
Yesterday Cindy Anthony spoke with reporters and basically told them that allegations that her daughter Casey did something wrong were just plain untrue and that once the truth comes out everyone will be surprised.

While I may be surprised at whatever the truth turns out to be I doubt seriously that it will be that Casey Anthony has done no wrong. It’s clear from the start that even if she didn’t commit a crime all of her decisions in this case have been bad.
Her mother also says that Casey is willing to help authorities but that since local PD has been focusing on her rather than Caylee she would be willing to help the FBI rather than them. Bullshit.
I read another article this morning from a couple of days ago over at the Orlando Sentinel where they had interviewed friends and neighbors of her and her family and how she spent the Fourth of July cooking for her boyfriend and a friend of his. Sounds like a distraught parent searching for her daughter to me…