Update – July 25th 2008 6:45PM
Here is the missing persons poster from the child rescue network for Caylee Anthony
I was wondering initially why the police made such a big deal about decomposition in the car and what made them initially check. Obviously they would have gotten around to it eventually, but what made them check it out in the first place?
The grandmother, Cindy Anthony initially made the 911 calls that reported Caylee missing made the statement in the call that it smelled like something died in her daughter’s car.
The Orlando Sentinel is keeping up with he case and has several audio files up related to the case which include the 911 calls made as well as a recorded phone call that Casey made from jail.
Here is one of the 911 calls.

This call was made by Cindy Anthony to Orlando police and in it you can hear Cundy talking to her daughter about the fact that she had given her daughter “long enough to find Caylee”. The other calls and more audio can be found at the Orlando Sentinel.
What I find particularly disturbing is that in one of the calls (NOT THE ONE HERE) from jail she makes the statement that “all they care about is Caylee!”. Sounds like a comment from a real concerned mother, huh?
In a couple of the recordings Caley is heard asking several times for her boyfriend Tony’s phone number. Earlier today in my comments Brenda asked if the boyfriend, Tony, was being investigated. I can’t say with 100% certainty but I am fairly sure that yes, Tony is being investigated and questioned along with everyone else in Casey’s life. She also asked where the bail money is coming from. Unless something has changed in the last few hours that I am unaware of Casey has not posted bail and the family has not come up with it. Normally in order to get a bondsman to post bail you have to come up with 10% cash and with a bond as large as this one ($500,000) you also have to come up with some type of collateral such as a property deed. Thus far they haven’t been able to raise the money although I am sure that Cindy and family are talking to friends and other family members. Were I related to them I wouldn’t want to touch this one with a stick. Most likely she would flee, which is one of the reasons the bond has been set so high.
I don’t know why I spoke about bond above (another quick update). The question Brenda asked was about the reward, not the bond. Apparently I went brain dead for a minute (or more). I saw a couple of the sources for the reward yesterday but was very busy with work and didn’t write them down. I will look it up again this evening but if you know the information please feel free to comment.
Another commenter, Tinychef asks “If there really (cough) is a Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, why has there not been one single police artist sketch of her?”
From what I understand so far, the police have had a sketch artist work with the woman who says she met Caylee. By this time they have the sketch out and most of the police departments in the southeast have it. I doubt seriously that they will release it to the public unless they feel that it would do some good. 99% of the evidence and sketches that are used by police are never released to the general public until AFTER the suspect has been caught. That having been said, I fully believe the Orlando Police will be releasing it within hours simply to get the public looking as well.