Several other bloggers have posted about Jennifer’s disappearance, subsequent discovery of her body in a river and now some arrests have been made. I haven’t posted anything up until now and I’m not really sure why, just doing other stuff I guess.
I first read about Jennifer Hampton’s disappearance over at the True Crime Blog about a week ago. Jennifer is from Florence, Alabama and worked for Mama Blues. She was in Knoxville, Tennessee to help train open a new Mama’s Blues in the area and train their employees. She disappeared some time on Friday evening. 
Earlier this week a fisherman on the Clinch River found a body that has been identified as Jennifer Hampton. 
Valentino Miranda is currently being held in Knoxville on one count of first-degree murder. He and another man known as Rogelio Melchor are both employed at the Days Inn. Melchor is also being held on unrelated fraud charges. Once all of the evidence is processed there may be more charges against both of them.
In addition, both guys are being investigated by the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement. They told police they are from Mexico.
From the standpoint of a business person, I am required to see ID and fill out paperwork insuring that everyone I hire and pay is an American Citizen or allowed to work in the U.S. Where does Days Inn get off employing illegal aliens and how do they hide the paper trail for the money? It’s gotta come from somewhere and I don’t know about hotels but every fucking penny I spend has to be accounted for. What, do they have a hidden alien fund or something they can dip into when they are paying the folks from over the border? Wyndham Hotel Group owns Days Inn Worldwide but says that hiring decisions are left to the local franchise owners and that Wyndham instructs those owners to abide by all local laws. Obviously whoever runs their Franchise Development office doesn’t ever bother to check if they are actually abiding or not. If you want to ask the Hotel manager in Knoxville about their hiring practices the number is (865) 687-5800
So here is another case that could have been avoided by enforcing our existing laws rather than throwing away millions of dollars into a worthless pile of crap known as the Department of Homeland Security and it’s stupid fucking fence. We already have laws. Throw the fuckers out, deter them at the border with real people that have real guns, and execute the murderers and rapists that do manage to get in. Deporting them back to Mexico after they have broken the law obviously doesn’t do any good and they know that their descendants can stay here.
But I digress…According to the arrest warrant for Valentino Miranda he entered her hotel room with a key card, sexually assaulted and murdered Jennifer Hampton.
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