U.S. Marshals have arrested Liger Albert Grady and Megan Freeman Grady in Knoxville after a long and convoluted path. The pair have been connected to more than a hundred crimes including robberies, break-ins and home invasions. They are currently being held in the Knox County Jail. Liger has a history of violent crimes including muder and both will hopefully be in jail for quite some time. They are wanted in Kentucky as well as in Virginia. I’ve seen Megan Freeman referred to in a couple of reports as Megan Grady as well, so I am not sure right now if they are married or not, particularly with information that’s below. Megan Freeman and Liger Grady are husband and wife according to the White County Chief Deputy, Keith Dunagan.
The Unicoi County Sheriff has been looking for the couple since the middle of September when law enforcement found several stolen items in a hotel room that they had been staying in. The stolen items came from a home in Washington County, TN. Police managed to match fingerprints from the home that was broken into with the Grady and Freeman. A safe that had been stolen from the home was found in a remote part of Unicoi County.

As I mentioned at the top, Megan and Liger are also wanted in Virginia. The two broke into a house in Wythe County, Virginia and stole a Sentry fireproof safe that contained a checkbook as well as some other personal items. The checkbook apparently belonged to someone living in Kingsport, Tennessee who let police know that her sister-in-law (Megan Freeman) had been using her name for identity fraud. The checkbook was recovered at a Super 8 motel in Grayson, Kentucky. The staff of the hotel are the ones that found the checkbook, they called the owner about it, who in turn called authorities. At that point they were named as suspects and charged with Breaking and Entering, Grand Larceny and Destruction of Poperty. Wythe County deputies found out that there were several other counties with the same MO. Russel County, Scott County and Smyth County were all investigating break-ins that were tied to the case.
In addition to the theft the United States Marshal’s Service has been looking for Liger Albert Grady as well, for a probation violation on a murder conviction in Maryland about seven years ago. Murder. Probation. Two Five years served for murder. Sounds like crap to me. From the information I could find (which wasn’t much) he was indicted for the ¬†December 2000 murder of William Messersmith of Maryland on February 16th, 2001 and found guilty on August 27th, 2001. At that time his address was listed as Martinsburg, West Virginia. He was put on probation in November of 2003 2007 according to his Aunt who left a comment below.
Anyhow, the U.S. Marshals tracked these two to a Budget Inn in Knoxville and after an hour-long standoff they arrested Liger and Megan. Inside the hotel room law officers found several stolen weapons, a stolen computer and six grocery bags of stolen jewelry. Police also recovered a Ford F-150 that was stolen from Greenville, Tennesse that contained more stolen goods as well.
The Gradys tried to sell some of the stolen property at different pawn shops in the Wytheville area. The owners of the Diamond Pawn & Jewelry didn’t buy anything but they were able to identity the two to law enforcement officers.
The owner of the Lakeview TV Park in Bluff City, Tennessee stopped by and left a comment below, with more information into some of the couple’s recent operations as well:

Liger Grady stayed at Lakeview RV Park in Bluff City, TN, until July 15, 2008 when he was ejected for refusing to pay his rent. He resided there several months. Megan was with him the last couple of month. He and Megan resided in a very nice fifth wheel. He had a Lexus, a new Corvette and a F-150 truck. He had a “paving business, as did his brother Joseph Cornell and his uncle Harry small.

Liger’s paving business mainly consisted of a driveway sealer sprayer in the back of his truck. His business was undoubtedly sealing elderly folks driveways with cheap sealer and overcharging them.

After he was ejected from the park, he and Megan moved to a trailer park and campground in Johnson City where his brother was for a short while. Then they must have gone on the run.

These two cut quite a swath over the last few years. I have some of the pertinant locations mapped out below. You can somewhat see the southward leading path that has been taken. What I want to know is what Liger has been up to since he got out on probation five years ago and if he filled that empty space in the map with his other crimes.
For some reason Google Maps is having issues tonight so I will have to update this tomorrow afternoon. Zoom out and you can see some of the locations that did save. It’s late and I have to be up at 4:30 in the morning.
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