Forty-Three-Year-Old Mark Eric Lawlor is the assistant property manager in the Falls Church apartment building where he lived. As the assistant manager of the building he had master keys to get into all of the apartments. According to the residents of the Prestwick Apartments even though his title was ‘leasing agent’ he was basically the superintendent and was responsible for everything around the building.
Mark Lawlor was also being transitioned out of a court-ordered drug treatment program while he worked there. He was found guilty of abducting his former girlfriend in 1999 and served six years in prison for it. After his release he was put in an intensive drug and alcohol treatment program before being released into the general populace. Apparently it wasn’t quite intensive enough. Maybe they should have added a class on manners and morals along with the drug and alcohol treatment.

Along with Mark Lawlor apparently several other recovering addicts were living there in a transitional program. In itself there is nothing wrong with recovering addicts. It’s admirable for them to be trying to get their lives in order but when you have convicted felons it certainly would be nice for your fellow neighbors to at least know about it so they actually have the choice in whether to live there or not. Prestwick Apartments didn’t let them know, at least as far as I have been able to ascertain. According to one source I read Lawlor isn’t licensed to be a Leasing Agent in Virginia.
Gini Orange was one of the folks renting an apartment at the Prestwick Apartment building 


and unfortunately it has led to her untimely demise. Genevieve Orange was raped inside her apartment and then beat to death with some sort of blunt object. According to court documents Lawlor’s DNA matched that of DNA recovered from Gini Orange’s body.
Mark Eric Lawlor could face the death penalty if he is convicted of murder during a rape. He was arrested last Wednesday afternoon around 3pm. He has been denied bond and will stay in jail until his court date which is on December 8th of this year. He was arraigned on charges of 2nd degree murder on October 9th.
This winner has several other things on his record including Assault on a Police Officer in 1998. He was sentenced to 30 days and fined $200. Back in 2005 and 2006 he was charged in several other offenses including Assault, Assault and Nattery, Petit Larceny, Bond Forfeiture, Failure to Comply, DUI, Eluding Police and various other charges. What a guy to have as your apartment manager.
This piece of trash also has a MySpace page because, you know, all the good criminals have one. His ‘about me’ blurb has the following to say:

I’m really just a very laid back person, looking to meet a really laid back person. I’ve had my fill of all the games that people play, and I have no disire to play any more. I love to laugh, and I love to bring joy to others.

Doesn’t seem like he was very laid back when he raped Gini Orange. He goes on to say:

I’d really like to meet a woman with a good sense of humor, who tends to look at the best of things, and not the worst. Someone who doesn’t need a ton of money to be happy. A person who enjoys life, whatever comes along, and makes the best of it.

Under his favorite TV shows he has listed CSI. He apparently wasn’t enough of a fan to remember DNA and databases. “A Time to Kill” is his favorite book. He doesn’t have any friends listed and hasn’t logged into MySpace since the end of June.