Tez’arrion Armour’s mother couldn’t take care of him, allegedly because his mother is a drug addict so friends of the family took him in. Can you say Welfare Check?
Tez’arrion Armour had his second Birthday just a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to the scumbag 21-year-old Dwight Baldwin he will never see his third. Tez’arrion was taken to the local hospital on October 27th and when his massive head injuries were noticed he was rushed to All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg.

Apparently Audrey Lawrence’s (Baldwin’s girlfriend) 11-year-old son woke up Baldwin at 8am on Monday morning to tell him that Tez’arrion had soiled himself. During the cleanup he was so upset about the two-year-old crapping himself that he beat him with a belt and a fly swatter. For four hours. According to Baldwin’s statement he put the boy on a training toilet and when he would fall asleep Baldwin would hit him again. According to Lawrence this isn’t the first time it has happened (the beatings) but obviously she didn’t actually do anything about it or call the police. Wouldn’t want to lose your meal ticket now would you?

Tez’arrion was beaten so badly that it left him in a coma and he died on Tuesday afternoon from his injuries. He had a massive head injury, cuts and severe bruising covering most of his body. Initially Baldwin and Lawrence had been charged with Aggravated Child Abuse but now at least Dwight A. Baldwin has also been charged with murder.
Dwight’s MySpace ( doesn’t have anything really out of the way and as I expected he has no blog entries. His about me blurb says:

whats really good wit cha, well dis yo boy D.A. in for the ones who don’t know me i got a good side in a bad side, so you choose.I can be dat nigga who laugh in giggle, but i also can be dat nigga who will fuck you up, but i like to just chill wit my kin folks, get money and have fun. i’m a postive nigga i don’t go around lookin 4 trouble, so if i sound like yo type hit a nigga up.

If I have more time this afternoon I’ll try to get some more information up. I’m in a bit of a hurry this morning (as usual) and need to get to work.
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