Jason Taylor Drugged and Raped Her then Beat Up The Kids

jasontaylor.JPGJason Taylor must have been pretty hard up for a piece of tail and not willing to pay for it either because about a week ago he drugged a woman and then raped her at her house. When she woke up last Tuesday morning she was on the living room floor naked from the waist down and Taylor was lying on the floor beside her, naked and asleep. There were sex toys, porn flicks and photographs of the woman tossed across the floor in the living room.

Not a real good way to greet the morning for anyone.
Apparently Taylor and the woman knew each other. I don’t have any details yet as to their relationship but one would think that if he was a complete stranger she would have gotten the hell out of Dodge with her kids and then called the law.
Oh. Yeah. The kids where there as well…

At some point after the victim woke up she and Taylor got into a verbal altercation which escalated into hitting her and trying to strangle her. At one point she tried to call 911 but Taylor destroyed her cell phone.

Winner and all-around great guy he is, when the woman’s 6-year-old son tried to help his mother Taylor knocked the kid on the ground. The woman also tried to leave at one point with her son and set of triplets in a stroller but he kicked the stroller over knocking the toddlers out onto the floor.
After Taylor decided that he’d had enough woman and child beating he must have gone on home, which is where police found him on Tuesday night when they arrested him. After having been read his rights he pretty much corroborated the woman’s story.
Jason Taylor has been charged with Sexual Battery, Battery by Strangulation, four counts of Child Abuse and Tampering with a Witness. The scumbag is currently residing in the jail in Land O’ Lakes, Florida on $180,000 bond.
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