jeromiecancel.jpg…in the apartment of Kevin Pravia right after he smothered him in his sleep. I say smothered but what he did was stuff a plastic bag in the boy’s mouth and then wrap an electrical cord around his neck killing him.
Updated October 16th – Update is at the bottom of the entry.
Jeromie confessed to killing Kevin Pravia on Saturday and then told police that he watched the horror movie Saw while the dead man lay on a nearby bed.
According to his father Jesus Soto Cancel is “mentally imbalanced and just didn’t seem right. Ya think?
As the police led him away from the 10th Precinct last night he told reporters he killed Pravia “because I wanted to” then screamed “you got a problem with that?”
On MySpace he goes by the handle Puertoricothug352 (I guess 351 was taken). There isn’t much there. In the “who I’d like to meet” blurb it just says “THE DEVIL”.
You may just get your chance there dude.
There aren’t any kind of blog entries on the page but I really didn’t expect any…
New York Post
True Crime Report (Steve Huff)
Puertoricothug352’s MySpace page
Update – 10/16/08 Jeromie Cancel was arraigned Wednesday and although he has already signed a statement admitting to the murder of Kevin Pravia he pled Not Guilty in court. What I find really disturbing is the fact that he stated that he killed Pravia because “I was bored so I decided to go back into the apartment and kill him.” and he also said that if given the chance he would do it again.
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