Kathleen Allmond and Tony Ray Cooked Grandma and Cashed Her Checks


Ramona Allmond died back in December of 2007. One of her last wishes was to die at home and be cremated. I can understand that, I feel the same way. The problem here is that apparently her grandson Tony Ray and daughter Kathleen Allmond barbecued her in the backyard and then kept cashing her retirement checks until they were caught. Oh, yeah and they didn’t bother telling anyone else in the family she had died either. That’s how they ended up getting caught.
The local sheriff in Corning, California says that most likely Allmond died of natural causes but they really don’t have any way to tell. She was buried in the fire pit and a tree was planted on top.

Allmond’s son got worried about where his mother might be and started growing suspicious, which is how the two were caught. He asked deputies for a welfare check since he hadn’t heard from her and when police called the house Kathleen Allmond pretended to be her. Perhaps she wasn’t wearing the necklace or she might not have been caught.

That’s right, I almost forgot. Kathleen Allmond created a necklace out of her mother’s skull and had Tony Ray take pictures of her wearing it.

These two losers are currently in jail in lieue of bond (they were supposed to be arraigned yesterday, don’t know the results of that yet since I wrote this last night) and have been charged with Elder Abuse, Disposing of a Body without a Permit and Embezzlement.

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