Kathleen Schulte is NOT Mrs Robinson

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Another gem from Florida. Back in February 2008 in Altamonte Springs arrested 47-year-old Kathleen Schulte, who at that time was working as a respiratory therapist at Arnold Palmer Hospital, and charged her with Sexual Assault and Unlawful Sexual Act with a minor. Kathleen was allegedly engaging in oral sex with a friend of her teen son who lives in their neighborhood.


The boy who was then 15 told police that they had engaged in oral sex. In the story at Local6 from back in February it was reported that they didn’t know why the boy had talked to police. I am assuming that his father made him judging from what is going on now. He also made the statement that they were waiting to have intercourse until they got married. Shulte herself admitted to having phone sex with the boy and sending nude pictures of herself. ewww, gross.
Anyway, Schulte has allegedly continued to see the boy even though the stipulations of her $10,000 bond say that she can only have supervised contact with minors, including her three children. Back in February the hospital also put her on inactive status pending the trial. She’s now working at Bed, Bath & Beyond because, you know, that’s what sexual predator respiratory therapists do when they can no longer get a real job. Pretty soon she’ll be bagging groceries.
The victim’s father says that she is still coming around. He says that now he has no relationship with his son, that Schulte has taken that away. As a father whose son has grown up and is in the military I can tell you that it’s hard enough to have a relationship with a teenage son and that’s without a sexual predator added into the mix.
He claims that after Schulte was released on bond back in February she continued meeting with his son. Trying to keep them apart he sent the boy to live with his mother in Lake County but that didn’t even stop it. The boy sneaks out at night (as teenage boys do) and meets with Kathleen Schulte there.
A new hearing has been set in November for her to answer the new allegations. Hopefully they will lock her up for an extended amount of time. Were the sexes reversed and this was a 47-year-old man with a 16-year-old girl the media and public would be in a feeding frenzy and the guy would already be behind bars.
Somehow I don’t think Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel were thinking of Mrs. Shulte when they penned the song…
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