Mark Johnson Picked the Wrong House…

markjohnson.jpg…and it was probably a fatal mistake on his part. Gotta watch out for those teachers, they can be pretty tough (I should know since I’m married to one)!  🙂

62-year-old Juanita Enzor teaches the sixth grade at Memorial Middle School in Tampa, Florida. At some point before 5am on Friday morning she heard a noise in the house and got her gun. 40-year-old Mark Johnson confronted her and being afraid that she was going to be killed Enzor shot him in the chest.
Johnson attacked her anyway after being shot but Juanita Enzor managed to escape and get away from her house. According to police Johnson was dead by the time they got there.
Good for Juanita Enzor. If the gun-hating nuts in this country had their way Juanita Enzor would now be lying in the hospital sexually assaulted and robbed or even worse, dead in the morgue in the place of that scumbag.
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