Scottie Luvs Lacey Casey …or maybe not

I got a big kick out of this at work earlier today as did some of the folks on Twitter. I get email updates from a few sites when there is breaking news. The Orlando Sentinel is one of them and if Casey Anthony breaks wind it’s big news. I received an email or tweet (can’t remember which) stating that Casey Anthony had been receiving letters from Scott Peterson. OMG, that was a welcome laugh.

Well, apparently it’s just not so. Where did they get the information in the first place? The Orlando Sentinel says that Casey Anthony may have leaked it herself in speaking to one of the guards about her mail. hehehe. Not as if Casey Anthony has ever lied or anything.
“Oh yeah, I’m such a celebrity even a hardened scumbag wife murdering sack of shit like Scott Peterson is sending me fan letters. He wants to compare notes and maybe date once we are both burning in the pits of hell”
I am in a really pissy mood tonight so I think I will just stop while I am ahead. This is my tenth day straight at work and I’m just itching for a fight. Think I need to make some hot tea or get a shot of whiskey.
Oh, and by the way, I am fully aware that I misspelled Laci Peterson’s name.
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