Taylor Meyer Found Dead

Thumbnail image for Taylor Meyer.jpgUpdated – Although the final cause of death has not been determined the medical examiner has ruled that the available evidence is consistent with drowning. They also said that no evidence had been found to suggest trauma or foul play in her death.

Just got home or I might have updated this earlier.  Shortly before 11 this morning the body of the 17-year-old senior and King Philip Regional High School was found in a swampy muddy area at the Norfolk air strip a couple hundred feet from where she had been last seen.

The Norfolk DA held a press conference during lunch and said that there are no signs of trauma but that there will be an autopsy to determine the ultimate cause of death.
Judging from the fact that the kids were drunk and her friends said that she might have wandered off, I am wondering if this is going to end up an accidental death.

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