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Unknown Sean Aquitania Killers: On Sept. 14, 2007, Elk Grove School District bus driver, Cathy Snow, witnessed an unforgettable tragedy. At the end of her shift, a man ran alongside her bus with a dying baby in his arms. He handed the child off to a stunned Snow, but it was too late…the 7-month-old baby’s injuries were far too severe. Now, authorities in Sacramento, Calif. are on the lookout for two men responsible for the murder of young Sean Aquitania Jr. who was injured during a home invasion robbery that also claimed his father’s life.


Julio Guevara-Mejia: Cops in Davis, Calif., say 35-year-old Julio Guevara-Mejia was so rife with misery following the break-up with his girlfriend, who was 17 years younger, that he devised an elaborate plot to exact his revenge. Authorities say Mejia enlisted a 15-year-old to be his accomplice, however, the murderous plot didn’t turn out as planned.


The NorCal Rapist: Since 1991, police believe that one man has been responsible for a series of sexual assaults on women across Northern California. He’s been dubbed ‘The NorCal Rapist’ and since his last attack in October 2006, cops have intensified the search for this serial predator.


Pedro Ortiz: Thanks to insider information provided by an AMW tipster, Pedro Ortiz was hauled into police custody on May 29, 2008. The tipster gave police Ortiz’s exact location, where authorities say he tried — unsuccessfully — to hide from the cops. After seven hours of trying to get him out of the home, he was finally taken down in Lynn, Mass.


Leo Burt: Thirty-seven years ago, the sky lit up in Madison, Wisc. Buildings shook and people 30 miles away could hear the explosion at Sterling Hall. It was the worst case of domestic terrorism until Oklahoma City in 1995. Of the four accused terrorists, three were caught, convicted, and served their time in prison. But one — Leo Burt — hasn’t been seen or heard from since he fled the scene after the bombing. AMW aired Burt’s story in September and you responded by sending in dozens of tips. Many of your tips were promising and one sparked national headlines, but Burt is still on the lam and the FBI needs your help.


Marlow Reynolds: The Texas Department of Criminal Justice found their man — but it took the help of some highly-trained bloodhounds to sniff Reynolds out of his hiding place.


George Perez: Cops in Baltimore, Md. say a bookkeeper there was not only cooking his employer’s books, he was placing bets with his employer’s money. Police say 32-year-old George Michael Perez embezzled more than $1 million from the company he worked for in order to fund his luxury lifestyle, but when his plan to beat the charges went up in smoke, he hit the road.


Dane Brooks: Cops in Pennsylvania are reaching out to the public for information on the whereabouts of a Pittsburgh bouncer who they say shot a man to death in a crowded bar. Cops say Dane Brooks, a convicted felon, was working the front door at Mac Can Do’s Bar on March 30, 2008 when he produced a gun and shot 22-year-old John Allen in the neck. Police say after the shooting, Brooks pushed his way out of the bar and hasn’t been seen since.


Mario Lozano: Cops say gang member Mario Lozano, 21, thought his girlfriend’s cousin was too meddlesome. For weeks, tension between Lozano and 17-year-old Isaac Guzman escalated until, cops say, Lozano stabbed his nemesis 37 times in broad daylight in the middle of a busy civic center. Outraged witnesses chased Lozano and provided key photos to police.


Tambra turner: When a relationship goes south, some p
eople cry, some people fight
and some couples break up. But when Tambra Turner’s husband started spending time with another woman, police say she didn’t just get angry: she got homicidal.
That’s about it for this week’s selection of scumbags on the run. You can check out more of their stories and ones from past shows at America’s Most Wanted and add AMW to your MySpace as well at the link. If you’ve seen any of these dangerous criminals be sure to call in your tips to the police as well as AMW.
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