Where is Taylor Meyer?

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Update – Taylor Meyer’s body was found late morning near where she was last seen. Update here.
I just came across this post at True Crime Report and wanted to repost it. 
Taylor Meyer attended a party on the Airport Strip in Norfolk Massachusetts on Friday evening and hasn’t been seen since. There is a small airstrip off of River Rd that the kids apparently party at (or near). Before anyone starts asking why they were at an airstrip, teenager in small towns tend to congregate anyplace that they can where they won’t be disturbed and judging from the map this would have been the perfect place to hang out and drink.
Taylor is from Plainville, a few miles south of Norfolk, is a senior at King Philip High School, is 5’8″ 150 lbs, has blonde hair, blue eyes and was last seen wearing jeans, a gray hooded sweatshirt with an A and F on the front and brown shoes. If you’ve seen Taylor please contact the Norfolk Police Department at 508-528-3206

Taylor’s mother realized she was missing on Saturday afternoon and immediately called police. Her friends at the party told police that they last saw her at the airport around 10:30pm on Friday night and have not seen or heard from her since. They told police that she was drunk and may have wandered off. One strange thing is that one of her friends did get a call from her that night. She said that Taylor kept repeating the word ‘plane’.

Police started searching for her Saturday evening and by today a full search was underway with a helicopter from the State Police and other local law enforcement and volunteers. Right now I don’t believe they have any leads so if you saw anything or have any useful information please let folks know.
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