Update – Anyone interested in helping the family defray the costs of the funeral for Alicia Chomic can make a donation at any Bank of America in the U.S. The fund is set up in the name of “Alicia Chomic and Children Memorial Fund”. Funerals are a pretty expensive deal and when you think about the astronomical burden this has placed on the families it is mind boggling.

Story Updated, originally posted on 11-3-2008
When I first started writing this post I hesitated for various reasons. One is the fact that it really hasn’t been determined for sure whether or not Alicia Chomic actually murdered or kids and killed herself and if it has the Citrus County police are playing it close to the chest and haven’t released the information yet. 
Vickie and Greg Maslowski went out for dinner last Thursday night, October 30th. Vickie’s daughter Alicia and her three sons had moved in recently (just the week prior to her death) after having lived in the New Port Richey (north of Tampa) area for several years. When Vickie and Greg returned hom later in the evening the door to Alicia’s bedroom was closed so they assumed that she and the boys had gone to bed so they didn’t try and bother them until the next morning. Greg, Alicia’s step-father called 911 at around 10am as his wife screamed from inside the house.

Alicia Chomic was found dead in her bed along with her two oldest sons and the third, youngest child was dead in his playpen. All had been shot. One of the reasons I didn’t post this on Friday was that it was not initially 100% sure that Chomic had commited the murders/suicide. Not at first anyway. The evidence they have now points to the fact that she killed each of her children in turn and then turned the gun on herself. I don’t know 100% for sure but it sounds like she would have had powder burns on her hand for one thing. Police did find the gun near her body as well.
This is the 911 call from the Maslowskis. If you are easily shocked please don’t listen to it. It is shocking and although it doesn’t add any sort of information to the article I am including it here nevertheless.

No suicide note was left and law enforcement has yet to find a reason why she did it, if she did. Obviously she did have issues going on in her life but enough to kill her children? I think not. 
While both of the fathers of her children have criminal records Alicia Chomic has no kind of history of violence and according to friends as well as relatives who are commenting here as well as several other web sites was a happy person to be around.
Alicia does have a MySpace page here that she shares with Anthony Lietz, the father of her two youngest children. That’s where some of the issues I mentioned above come in. The father of Chomic’s oldest child, Thomas Anthony Goldsmith is currently incarcerated in Crawfordville for violation of probation. He has prior convictions on Possession of a Controlled Substance, Stalking, Battery and Domestic Violence. In 2005 Goldsmith was accused of pushing Alicia and punching her in the face. He’s scheduled to be released in March of 2009. They were married in 2005 but I don’t know when they divorced or if they are. 
The father of the two youngest is Anthony Lietz. He has convictions for Grand Theft and Possession of a Controlled Substance. He also pleaded guilty to carrying a concealed firearm in 2001 but I couldn’t find any sentence on that one. Just this past February 2007 he was arrested on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge against Chomic. He pleaded not guilty and then the case was dropped. The way he has described the fact that Alicia Chomic was living with her mother and not him was as a ‘transitional move” and that he had expected the family to be back together soon.
Obviously both of these guys are real winners and she could have chosen a bit more wisely before getting involved with wife-beating buffoons. It’s pretty clear that she was haunted but obviously killing your children darn sure isn’t the solution to that problem if that is actually what happened.
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