Fugitive Lesbians Off Themselves. One Less Tax Burden to Bear.


Tina Loesch and Skye Hanson have quite a bit of history together. The two were featured on America’s Most Wanted over the weekend and apparently finally decided to call it quits. The hard way. About two hours after AMW aired this past Saturday night a Dodge Durango left in a rural area of Tucson was discovered by three people. Inside the Durango two bodies were found shot to death, Tina and Skye. Initially police investigated it as a double homicide but now they are saying that the two made a suicide pact. The eight-page suicide note left in the truck might have helped to clue them into the fact.

Loesch and Hanson were a match made in heaven. They met while serving time in prison back in the nineties and when paroled the moved in together. Loesch also had a young son who lived with her part of the time. Tina Loesch’s parents hated the idea of their daughter being a lesbian. I guess in back-woods Idaho they would rather their daughters be car thieves than carpet munchers. Anyway, her father disliked it so much that he wrote her out of his will and made no secret of it. Thirteen years ago, in November of 1995 Gary Loesch was delivering the morning papers as he did every day and was murdered, shot in the head. Police did have a few clues but the murder is still unsolved to this day.

After Gary was killed Barbara Loesch decided to let bygones be bygones and bring what remained of her family together. Over the next few months she and Tina Loesch grew closer and authorities say that may just have been part of Tina’s ultimate plan. In January of 1998 she showed up at Barbara’s house with a friend, Bradley Steckman. Telling her mother that their car had broken down she let them stay there.
Murdering Barbara was not as simple a job as it had been with Gary. Steckman tripped while carrying a TV that had been rigged to deliver the maximum amperage and dropped it in the hot tub where Barbara was relaxing. Just to make sure that they finished the job he and Loesch held Barbara’s head under the water for a couple of minutes. When he was caught later and confessed he said that Loesch was crying and throwing up as they fled. Later on Skye Hanson went back to check and make sure that the job had been done properly. The life insurance company that covered a $525,000 policy on Barbara paid up and Loesch and Hanson lived in the area until they disappeared in 2001 along with Kristopher, Tina’s son. Tina Loesch had taken the policy out on her mother herself in 1996, after her father’s murder.
After having been caught and convicted in the 2001 murder of an 89-year-old woman Steckman told police about his part in the Loesch’s murders. Loesch and Hanson offered him $10,000 to murder Barbara, money which Steckman says he never received. He has also since admitted to being behind the planning of Gary’s murder although he says he didn’t pull the trigger.
After implicating the couple in the murders both Loesch and Hanson were named as persons of interest in the murders, which is what caused them to flee in an RV in 2001. 
Steckman is serving 18 years in prison right now for the murders of Dorothy Martin and Barbara Loesch. Skye Hanson and Tina Loesch have been on the run for the last eight years and for most of that time they were considered ‘persons of interest’ although finally warrants for Murder I were issued for the pair. That and the fact that they knew they would eventually be caught after having been featured on national television seems to be the deciding factor in them killing themselves. Tina Loesch’s son Kristopher is still out there. He’s now 18-years-old and although he is not charged with anything in the murders authorities are still looking for him.
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