This is a particularly sad story I came across last night and almost wasn’t going to post. 
Veva Virgil has four children ranging in ages from 3-18. The only one that she has custody of is Isabella Martinez, the youngest.
She also has Schizophrenia and takes medication for it although I don’t know if she actually takes it on a regular basis or not. According to her husband it just doesn’t work sometimes. Schizophrenia can be particularly ugly in that it can present you with delusions, hallucinations, disorganized behavior and even catatonia. Really severe cases can require long-term hospitalization.
Veva apparently suffered some type of breakdown on Friday afternoon and took off with her three-year-old daughter. Sunday afternoon Richard Sullens filed a missing persons report, right around the same time that Isabella Martinez lifeless body was found by a member of the housekeeping staff in a Watsonville Motel 6.

Isabella Martinez died from Asphyxiation. She had been choked to death in the hotel room and her mother left her there with no intention of returning.
Upon her arrest Veva Virgil stated to the police that she was the only one involved but the police are still investigating that just to make sure. 
Veva Virgil had an arraignment hearing yesterday and she has pleaded innocent on charges of murder.
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