People become foster parents for different reasons, some of them being very good. They want to help children that have been abused or been in drug using households and give the children a chance at a normal life. Sometimes it can be a hard but very rewarding experience.
The you have others that become foster parents for their own sinister purposes. Base, ugly uses. At best some of these people just do it for the money and at worst you have people like Jan M. Fricke who allegedly do it for the sex.
You heard me right. Jan M. Fricke allegedly had sex repeatedly with his 13-year-old foster daughter. 13!
Jan is currently sitting in jail (or was yesterday) on $5,000 bond but since it’s so low he may be out soon.

The foster daughter first reported the abuse to a school counselor who started the ball rolling. Once the school resource officer got involved they called DHS and the Manitowac Police. With the information they gathered from the investigation Fricke was arrested on Wednesday. He faces charges of sexual assault of a child and engaging in repeated acts of sexual assault of the same child.

During questioning Jan Frick admitted to having had sexual contact with his foster daughter and also admitted that he was aware of her age. His bail was set it court yesterday at $5,000 and he also has certain conditions which include having no contact with the victim or any other child under the age of 18.
There are some unfounded allegations against the foster child as well in the comments on one of the news stories I came across as well. I guess that they could be true but being as how the perpetrator actually admitted to committing the crime to police it’s most likely people just spreading rumors to help defend Fricke.
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