Joey Herminio Melendez Beat and Burned the Baby…


Boyfriend beats baby. Seems to be a recurring theme here as well as at several other crime blogs I frequent. This one is particularly sad but last I heard the child is alive and hopefully will stay that way.
Melendez was babysitting an 18-month-old boy while his mother was off at class at a hairdressing salon.
Some of the neighbors in the Lancaster, PA Apartments kept hearing a bay cry and scream as if in pain and got worried, so they called the police. Doing so just might have saved his life.
When the Police Officer arrived at the apartment and told Melendez about the complaint he was told that the baby was asleep and that everything was OK. The officer noticed a crib in a doorway and went to take a look. The baby has an ice pack on his forehead and when it was removed he noticed the child’s face looked to have received several different injuries and was red and swollen as if he has received a severe beating.
Everything OK, huh?

The staff at the hospital said it was one of the worst beatings they had ever seen and most likely happened over a period of at least four hours. He had suffered burns to his back and was bruised from head to toe. Melendez allegedly struck the boy in the face with his need and a belt and at one point even with his shoe.

Joey Melendez has what actually looks to be two MySpace accounts, although I can’t be sure yet about the second. The first one is at and if you follow the links you’ll come to who is (I am assuming again) the mother of the beaten baby. Her mood is currently ‘depressed’ and the latest two blog entries, which are private, are “Why Me?” and “Depressed”. I am going to wait before listing the second MySpace page for Joey Melendez because although I think it might be him as well I am not 100% sure.
Here’s to hoping the baby fully recovers and his mother moves on and realizes that she doesn’t need some scumbag in her life to make things complete.
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