Jose Carabello Urned Some Jail Time


I guess those metal flower vases you see at cemeteries must be a pretty hot commodity because just a couple months ago I wrote about William Moncalieri, the manager of a cemetery and how he stole some of the urns and sold them at a recycling center and here we have someone else who though they could one-up Moncalieri.
Either Jose doesn’t watch the news, or maybe he does and just thought that he wouldn’t get caught. Either way, 20-year-old Jose Carabello stole more than $5,000 worth of the little bronze vases, chopped them up and tried to sell them at the Pinellas recycling center. Of course they contacted law enforcement and Carabello was arrested and charged with Grand Theft and dealing in stolen property. Perhaps now he has figured out that he’ll have to urn his freedom by acting a little more wisely next time.
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