Miguel Serratos is a Meth-Head

Someone should have told Miguel Serratos-Jimenez’s girlfriend that when you date ice heads you will be putting yourself into dangerous situations. Then again it’s pretty hard to miss the  fact that someone is on meth so chances are the woman is involved in the junk as well. That sucks for her three kids.
Sunday night Serratos showed up at his girlfriends house in Jefferson, Oregon and forced the woman into his car at gunpoint along with her three children. She convinced him that one of them had to use the bathroom so Miguel took them to a friend’s house and allowed her to go inside with two of the children, keeping one in the car.
Once inside she locked the doors and called 911. After waiting for a few minutes he got out of the car, started banging on the door and windows and demanded that she come out of the house. When Sheriff’s deputies got to the house he was just trying to leave, taking the child with him. Miguel Serratos-Jimenez has been arrested on four counts of kidnapping, menacing, reckless endangerment and possession of a controlled substance – methamphetamine along with previous warrants for possession of a controlled substance and giving false information. 
Oh yeah, I guess since he spends all his money on meth he can’t afford a real gun. The gun he used to force his girlfriend into the car with him was a BB gun. Probably a good thing for her and the children that it wasn’t anything else.
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