Monica Keihn Left The Baby At Home and Stole a Car


Updated – No real news, just speculation but I do quite a bit of that. It’s at the end of the post. Tried to contact Keihn but no response so far.
I’m with Danny Vice on this one as far as the jury still being out on what happened.
Basically Monica allegedly broke into an acquaintance’s house and asked to borrow the car. When the victim refused Monica rooted around until she found the keys and took it anyway.
Of course the victim did what any of us would do and called the police. When they arrived he told the police that Monica had also left her baby son alone at home and gave them the address. When police checked her place they found the door unlocked and the baby asleep. Ruh Row Monica, bad mistake. Monica has been arrested on charges of abandoning her 5-month-old baby, breaking and entering and auto theft. So is that the whole story?

I don’t think so. Obviously the guy she took the car from is familiar with Monica. I don’t yet know their relationship. Ex-boyfriend perhaps, maybe the baby daddy? Nor do I know how close they lived to each other. Nowadays it doesn’t really matter much but when my 20-year-old was a baby I might leave him long enough to run next door or go see my neighbors. Maybe she ran out of smokes or something. Until Monica actually tells us we really won’t know. Obviously the guy who reported her is pissed off and maybe it goes deeper than the fact that he’s just pissed off about Monica borrowing his car after he told her no.

One look at Monica’s MySpace page at  shows a mother who loves her child, was on the student council in high school, played sports and seems to work at a day care. Overall it paints a picture of a really nice, middle class, middle American girl. Doesn’t really jibe with the picture of a car stealing baby abandoning thief now does it? So what happened to change things, or is this some kind of creepy setup to get her in trouble.
Updated November 17th, original post on November 16th – While I was writing this post I decided I should at least try and contact Monica Keihn and get her side of the story. I’m sure I’m not the first asshole to get in touch with her and most of the others have actual media credentials so I am not surprised I’m getting ignored. Doesn’t hurt my feelings but I just wanted to get her take on things.
There is quite a bit of speculation going on in one of the local stories in the Muncie area. Lots of comments including allegedly her sister, who of course is defending Monica. The gist of it is that the alleged victim is Brian Martin of Yorktown, they live in the same apartment complex and he was asked to watch the child. Some other conjecture over there also includes the fact that the officer who filed the report is a friend of Martin’s. As I’ve said though, this is all speculation and conjecture and you can’t really believe anything you read on the Internet without some sort of proof. Take it for whatever you want but my take on it is that the dude just got pissed off at Monica and decided to start some shit. Still doesn’t make it very responsible for her to leave the baby but there is obviously quite a bit more to the story than we are hearing. 
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