Here’s the thing. When you are sitting your happy self in jail and someone agrees to take your money in order to kill another person either they are going to turn you in or they are a cop. It’s not rocket science but then again I don’t know of too many rocket scientists spending their time in the Broome County Jail with Robert Wayne Simpson either.
Simpson, from Pennsylvania, is sitting in jail on a misdemeanor and during the two-week investigation met with an undercover officer a few times, during which he offered the officer $3,000 and some jewelry to off  a family of four in Pennsylvania, where he is already a fugitive from justice. He wanted all four of them to be shot and the house burned down while he was sitting in jail so that he couldn’t be connected to the murder. 
Simpson has now been indicted with four counts of criminal conspiracy and will be spending a bit more time in Broome County before authorities extradite him back to Pennsylvania.

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