shanejohnson.jpgUpdated – I had some really unnecessary stuff in the last paragraph I have removed and I have updated the entry after having received a few emails from concerned family members.

Shane Johnson allegedly stole some money earlier this week from a business in Tempe Arizona by staying inside after they closed and then robbed the place. Luckily law enforcement was able to obtain surveillance video of the robbery which became extremely helpful Monday when he broke into a home and tried to rape a woman.

The good news is that while he was trying to take the sleeping woman’s cloths off she fought back, grabbed a sword and stabbed the fool. Here’s a tip for any would-be rapists out there. If you see guns or swords lying around the house of a potential victim, they just might use them on you. Duh.

Police were able to pick Shane Johnson up on Wednesday when they received a call about a proweler and found him in the area. Using the security video they were able to identify Johnson.

The thing that we  don’t consider sometimes is the damage that addicts along with other criminals do to their family and loved ones along with the victims. Take Shane for instance. He has parents (who have several other happy children that have never been in trouble), a little boy and other friends who have been forever hurt. I’ve been in touch with a family member off and on since I originally posted this and they are all hurt and damaged. Maybe not as much as the victim, but the psychological damage that drug addicts can do is horrendous. Having experience addiction in my family first hand I can tell you that one of the hardest things to do is to let go of it. You can’t take care of them by enabling them to keep on the path of destruction and they will never quit until they’ve hit rock bottom and really want to quit.

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