Justin Scott must have wanted some pain killers really bad. Really, really bad. Bad enough to go into the JeffCo Drug Center Pharmacy in Dandridge Tennessee, the same small town where he lives, and rob them at gunpoint. 
Justin was smart enough to wear a ski mask during the robbery and as he held a gun to the head of one of the employees and demanded all of their Oxycontin. They in turn were smart enough to give him the stuff. After of course setting off the silent alarm.
On his way out of the pharmacy to his car, which was parked up a hill, he tripped over a rug and broke his leg. Although Justin made a valiant effort to crawl to his car he just couldn’t handle the pain any longer and the police found him lying in the grass about a hundred yards away. He still had the Oxycontin, gun and ski mask with him.
Hehehe. I wonder what they are giving him for the pain while he stays in the hospital. Hopefully something like Tylenol.
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