Where is Nadia Kersh?


Birmingham, Alabama is a little less than two hours west of me so it came as a surprise that I’ve been oblivious to the disappearance of 23-year-old Nadia Kersh (www.myspace.com/nadikagirl) two weeks ago. 
Nadia works at a grocery store in the Birmingham area and left work on November 3rd on a lunch break (some of the stories I’ve read state that she left to pick up her one-year-old son from daycare) and never returned. Obviously when she hadn’t picked him up by closing time the day care was getting worried and called law enforcement.
The next day her car was located in west Birmingham and her purse was found nearby on some railroad tracks. Birmingham police have questioned three men in the disappearance and they say that they do have a suspect but not enough evidence to actually know where Nadia is or what happened to her.
The police in Homewood, Alabama are asking for any help that can be given in the search for Nadia. Earlier today several volunteer search teams were out looking for any sign of her starting at about 9 this morning. There was no sign of Nadia but several items of interest were found.

Searchers had been told to look for some items which included a cell phone and CDs. Both were found along with an earring and a cell phone battery. From the clippings and sources I’ve read I have no idea what connection this stuff has other than the fact that they may be belongings of Nadia.
Although I’ve linked to Nadia’s MySpace page at the top of the story it looks like most of her photos are no longer there, nor any other pertinent information. I’ve left it for informational purposes only.
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