While I don’t get the chance to do so because I have to work so many hours during the holiday season lots of people take time off during the holiday season to relax and spend time with family. Plenty of folks take vacations during this time of the year and travel to be with their loved ones, which is exactly what Bobby and Darlene Sloan from Forest Park, Georgia did this year. They went to Charleston, South Carolina to visit relatives in the area.
60-year-old Bobby Sloan and his 50-year-old wife Darlene got into some kind of argument around 2am Christmas morning. Perhaps they were arguing over money or maybe Bobby didn’t like the tie he was getting for Christmas. I don’t know. I don’t have many facts about this case yet other than the statement that Sloan made. What I do know is that the argument escalated and that they most likely took it outside where Bobby Sloan decided to pull the ultimate in intimidation tactics. He pulled a gun on Darlene Sloan and shot her once in the head, killing her in the middle of the street.
I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve always believed in having guns but the thing about guns is that you don’t take it out unless you are planning on using it and if you are using it for something other than target practice you had best be planning on killing someone. Guns aren’t used to scare people or intimidate them, although that is what Bobby was doing according to Charleston PD. In a video conference before a judge yesterday Bobby said “It was an accident, plain and simple. No knowledge, no intent, just an intimidation effort on my part and it just went awry”.
An intimidation effort gone awry?
Now there’s a novel defense 😉
One would have to be drinking or just maybe plain old stupid as hell to pull out a gun in an attempt to settle an argument and not be planning on killing a person.
Merry Christmas, Baby. Here’s one you’ll never forget.
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