Elizabeth Ortiz Took a Nap…

ElizabethOrtiz.jpgI can remember many times falling asleep on the couch with one of my children in my arms. It’s an endearing scene. More often than not when they were small I would put them in the crib though, more out of fear that they would roll off the couch while I was asleep or something else equally as stupid. Tired or not you always have to think of your children first and sometimes what’s best for them doesn’t always jive with what we necessarily want.

30-year-old Elizabeth Ortiz from Valley, Arizona took a nap with her 7-month-old baby last week. The problem? She was most likely stoned and never woke up as she smothered the baby to death. When she woke up and realized what she had done she called 911, waited until emergency workers arrived and ran like hell since she already had an outstanding warrant for her arrest. Damn, that’s a loving mother for you.
I guess Elizabeth did have second thoughts though, because she returned to the house. When she came back home and talked to police she admitted to doing drugs. Police think that her drug use may have contributed to the death of her baby but are waiting on the results of the autopsy as well as the toxicology report on Elizabeth Ortiz.

Elizabeth was booked on suspicion of child abuse as well as her outstanding felony warrant.


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