More Evidence Found Near Caylee Anthony's Home

Crime Scene Investigators are still hard at it on the piece of property where the remains of what may be Caylee Anthony were found six days ago and will most likely be there until Thursday (tomorrow) afternoon. During a press conference today the spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department said that they are still pulling brush out of the area and that they are still finding additional items of interest, or possible evidence.

State prosecutors and FBI agents are combing the area and there are all kinds of experts for the state that have been flown in to examine the site as well.
Casey Anthony’s lawyer, Jose Baez tried to get the court to allow the defense to monitor the evidence coming out of the site as well as be present at the autopsy. Rather than let a bunch of people that don’t need to be there interfere with a police investigation judge Stan Strickland denied the motions that have been filed with the court.
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