I don’t do a lot of crime stories about people and their pets, nor am I big into animal rights and PETA and all of that crap but there are just certain things you don’t do and one of them is to not take care of a pet that you have adopted. Just like when you have or adopt a child when you take responsibility for an animal you are supposed to take care of them. I have a friend of mine who is very much into animal rights and I was thinking about her when I came across a pair of scumbags (I’ll write about the other one later this evening).
The first and winner of the asshat award for today goes to 22-year-old Nicole E. “Niki” Spatig ( from Beaver, Pennsylvania. Niki was renting an apartment in Beaver. When her landlord paid a visit earlier this week she noticed that all of the windows were open. Open windows in Pennsylvania in December? It was obvious something was up so the landlord called police after entering the premises. What she found was disgusting.

In addition to the open windows a fan was also running, apparently in an attempt to dissipate a bad odor. What was the odor you ask? Niki’s pet German Shepherd, Mya. Mya was lying dead in a cage and had apparently been that way for two to four weeks according to the local humane society. Her snouth and teeth were intertwined in the bars as she had tried to chew her way out and died that way.


Why would she want to chew her way out, aside from the fact that dogs don’t like cages? Oh yeah, that’s because she had no food or water. Hell, if I was slowly starving to death I’d probably be chewing my way out of the cage as well.
According to Niki Spatig, who claims on her MySpace page to be a manager at a Wendy’s fast food restaurant, her boyfriend was supposed to be feeding her pets while she was sick and staying at various residences around time. Must be tough to sleep in an apartment with foot-high piles of shit in the litterboxes.
That’s right. She also had four cats wandering around the apartment with no food or water as well. The humane society has those guys right now and hopefully some caring person will adopt them and show them what loving animals is really all about.
Niki Spatig was arrested this week and arraigned on Thursday with ten counts of animal cruelty. She was freed on $1,000 unsecured bond later in the morning.
All I can say is that I hope she’s not a breeder, otherwise you may be reading about starving children in a few years.
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