richardandryanleber.jpgUpdated – I’ve been in contact with one of the interested parties over the weekend and would have updated this before but as I mentioned in a post yesterday I’ve been a bit under the weather. The update is at the bottom of the post.

I mentioned in my post about Melissa Lightsey that the wedding reception of Ryan Leber was rife with violence. Enough so that it not only led to the murder of Melissa but also the beating of Christopher Dukes, Ryan’s brother-in-law. A beating so bad that he had to have brain surgery afterward.

Christopher is married to Jacqueline Leann (Leber) Dukes, the groom’s sister. The newlyweds and several of the guest at the wedding were all staying at the Holiday Inn in St Augustine and according to the media and police reports it started out because Christopher slapped his wife at some point in the evening. She in turn told her brother Ryan and after everyone had turned in brtoher Ryan and Richard entered the hotel room and beat Christopher. When they realized how badly they had beaten him they pulled him off the bed and had to give him CPR.

The Leber brothers, who run R&R Painting Services in St Augustine, have been charged with aggravated battery in the assault.
Prior to making it private posted on her MySpace blog that “I am so distraught and sick over the murder of Melissa Lightsey. If she had brothers like mine she wouldn’t be dead right now“. 
Maybe not but someone probably would.
Christopher Dukes had to be airlifted to Jacksonville to have brain surgery after the beating and is still in the hospital recovering. The Lebers have both been released from jail on bond.
Updated 12-1-08 From several emails I have received, here’s the lowdown for those of you that actually care. The husband Chris was allegedly not sleeping when he was punched, nor was he actually beaten. I have not gotten any kind of hospital records so I can’t 100% vouch for it’s authenticity but I believe what I have been told and that is that Christopher was punched and an already existing aneurism popped, which is why he had to be life-flighted to Jacksonville. The two brothers were allegedly responding to cries and screams when the entered the room, they were not trying to sneak in.
I know from the perspective of a father that my first reaction as a parent is that if I heard one of my children screaming I would rush right into whatever was going on and try to stop it.
I don’t yet know if charges have been dropped against the Lebers as St. Johns County doesn’t have a lot of their criminal complaints online as do some of the bigger counties such as Orange.

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