Who Killed Brianna Parish?

Brianna Parish

At some point during a night on the town with a friend of her’s Brianna Parish (myspace) was using her cell phone outside of the Bay House Pub in Daphne, Alabama. That’s the last time that her friend’s saw her alive.
After almost three days of searching a group of searchers which included some of her family members came across her in the woods just a short way from the pub where she had disappeared. 
Her body was naked from the waist down and her purse, wallet, cell phone and car keys were all missing. Rumors circulate to the fact that Brianna was raped but police won’t confirm one way or the other and the final results of her autopsy have not yet been made public that I could find.
The alleged attitude of the police department and some of the statements that they have made have incensed Brianna’s family members as well. The fact that the Daphne police claim that her killing was drug related and that she has a prior drug-related arrest is the biggest issue right now. 

According to her family Brianna did have a prior arrest because she had a prescription pill in her purse but an investigation found that it was an anti-anxiety medication that she had a prescription for. Her family feels like this is a non-issue. I tend to agree.

A “person of interest” was identified, one Troy MacDonald but police later on made sure to state that he is not a suspect in the slaying. I guess that’s the Daphne Police’s way to cover their ass in case of a later lawsuit. MacDonald was one of the last people to see Brianna alive outside of the pub. Brianna also allegedly spoke with a man on her phone that evening as well. While none of the reports specifically mention that it was MacDonald they allude to it.
By all accounts Brianna was a lively, outgoing sweet person who was always the center of attention and her demise has shocked her friends and family in Daphne to the core.
The Daphne Police Department is releasing weekly updates on the case on Fridays and right now they are waiting on the results of forensic testing. Hopefully pretty soon they will be able to find the killer and at least be able to reassure the folks that live in the area that they are safe.

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