Updated – Joaquin Deanda has been arrested for the murder of Julie Quintana. The rest of the update is at the bottom of the entry.
Julia Quintana (myspace) was last seen by her family around 6pm this past Saturday. When she didn’t come home her mother reported her missing to the Kearny County, Kansas Sheriff as well as the Garden City Police Department. Unfortunately since there wasn’t any kind of evidence that she had been kidnapped or was in imminent danger police wouldn’t issue and Amber Alert. Missing kids don’t necessarily qualify for an Amber Alert unless they meet certain criteria designed by each state. Sounds like bullshit to me but that’s why I don’t get to make the laws I guess.
Julie’s friends and family handed out fliers on Sunday and Monday in the Garden City area with her picture and contact information on them and the Garden City Police Department followed up on several leads after interviewing her friends and family. Her car, a Pontiac Aztek, was found abandoned near Finnup Park (in Garden City) on Sunday but it wasn’t until Tuesday morning that she was found.

After a tip led police to a home in Garden City Julie’s body was found in a dumpster behind the home. A search warrant was served on the home late Tuesday afternoon and police searched the house Tuesday as well as yesterday. Police aren’t saying whether the people that live there are suspects in the homicide or not. It just doesn’t seem likely that someone would kill a girl and then dump her in their own trashcan, so I have my own theories on this one but I guess you never know how stupid someone is going to be. 

Julie’s MySpace page, or at least the cached copy of it, doesn’t really show anything out of the ordinary. Normal teenage stuff except for the fact that Julie seemed so upbeat. The about me section has been changed by her parents since her death as parents seem to do pretty quickly when something this horrendous has happened but the original read:

Hey name is Julia Quintana!! im 16 almost 17, turning 17 March 18.. Im probably one of the weiredest girls u will EVER meet.. And no i do not live my life off of gossip and i am NOT concited i just like talking about the good things in life.. I am bipolar so when im not dwn i cant stop thinkin about how much i do have right in front of me.. i admire life, friends and my mom!! my mom is oh so amazing!!! lol and my friends are so incredibly awesome!! here are the firends i hang with the most Katie, courtney, luke, andrew, steven, and erick. oh yeah one BIG thing about me is my !!hairr!! i have an obsession with dying my hair!!i prolli die it like twice a month sometimes 3!! yeah i kno its bad for me BUT im julie i dnt listen!! neways my fav. sports are TRACKK, XC, Wrestling, and Boxing!! yeah im different not ur average GIRL lol.. one thing is im not a girly girl.. not a tom boy either. oh and one thing i hate are girls who are fake!! there so caty!! if ur fake, trampy, self absorbed, one of those girls who PRETEND there blonde, a backstabbing slut plz dnt talk to me!!!! dnt think u can fool me either im aware of ur kind!! and if u hate me go fuck yourself.. take me as i am! i dnt change for no one! and i dnt listen to ne one!! i do as i please unless ur my mom thats a different story!! well bibi

The new about me section explains that Julie is no longer with us and asks us to pray that she is in a better place. I’m not a praying man but if it makes you feel better go for it. Several friends of Julie’s have stopped by and left nice comments at her MySpace page as well. They were informed of the find while at school Tuesday.
Police aren’t commenting on a manner of death until an autopsy is complete and the results released so I will try and get this updated before the weekend.
Update – There have been some comments here about julie having been killed by a boyfriend and that appears to be the case although Police and the media are reporting him as a former classmate of hers. 17-year-old Joaquin Deanda of Garden City was arrested this past Sunday on charges of First-degree Murder, Rape, Aggravated Criminal Sodomy and Felony Obstruction of Legal Process in Connection with the death of Julia Quintana. The autopsy showed that Julie died from suffocation and a broken neck.
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