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    Around a month ago Malayshia Gamble ran away from home. Since then she’s been staying with several different friends and their families. Despite the fact that she was a runaway, neighbors and the families of her friends all say the same thing. They all say she is a nice, respectful girl.
    So how did she end up dead?
    Her MySpace (the current one) doesn’t offer any clues. It’s currently set to private. The headline reads “~%IV3 B33N A LITTL3 NAUGHTY…BUT I CAN B3 NIC3..% LOOKIN 4 MR.RIGHT NOT MR. RIGHT NOW” I’ve been a little naughty…but I can be nice.
    So why did she run away back at the beginning of December?
    It’s not the first time she’s run away from home. She ran away at least one other time last year and was also arrested for shoplifting back in May as well.
    On the night that Malayshia was killed she had attended a church carnival and left around 9:30pm. She stopped at a friend’s house to watch some football and received a phone call. She left, saying that she would be right back. Malayshia called a while later to say that she was on the way but she never showed up. Her body was found about 8am Friday morning, shot to death.¬†
    It’s disturbing that even though shots were heard, they are commonplace enough in the area that nobody who heard them Thursday night called police to report them.
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