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    Brandon Lowery

    Perhaps it’s just me but do you ever wonder where the fuck
    they hand out brains in some parts of the country? I mean, come on dude. If you
    think you are chatting with a 14 year old online about sex chances are you are
    really talking with a cop. With fifty different states and hundreds of local
    police departments in each of them, exactly how many cops do you think are
    monitoring chat rooms at any given time? I’ll bet if you log on to AOL or
    wherever the fuck else people go to chat now and look for teenagers that want
    to have sex with creepy old men chances are there are more than one cop in the
    chat room. Hell, they are probably competing to see which one of them can bust
    a douchebag first. I guess that’s the good thing about pedophiles (if there is
    anything good). Plenty of them are stupid enough to be caught before they can
    harm someone’s precious child.

    Speaking of stupid, that brings us to today’s loser. 26-year-old Brandon Dale Lowery (MySpace),
    originally from Bowdon, Georgia, logged on to his computer on Christmas Eve at
    his home in Villa Rica and started chatting up a 14-year-old girl in Boynton
    Beach, Florida. The conversation included lewd sexual matter and Brandon
    allegedly engaged in a sex act on himself on web cam for the ‘girl’, who said
    that her’s was broken (that’s another clue for you…) 

    On New Year’s Eve Lowery again joined the ‘girl’ in chat and
    jacked off on his web cam. As I mentioned in the first paragraph, if you are
    chatting with a teen and you are a pedophile, chances are it’s a cop on the
    other end. In this case the police officer was 40-year-old Detective Charles
    Ramos of the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office. Ramos is on a task force affiliated
    with Internet Crimes Against Children, which is a national initiative that
    targets predators that use the Internet to harm children. Ramos made sure to
    record the sex act while Lowery who is
    an engineer for a hospital, performed.

    According to Danny over at the Daily
    , Lowery gave the ‘girl’ his address while they were online and police
    went to his house and busted him while he was still on the Internet. I haven’t
    verified that yet but I do know that Detective Thompson from the Villa Rica
    Police Department worked as liaison between the VRPD and the PBSO. Lowery was
    arrested at home on January 9th by the Villa Rica PD in conjunction
    with the Douglas County Sheriff. Up until this past Wednesday he was being
    housed in the Douglas County Jail.

    Brandon Lowery was extradited to Florida and transferred to
    the Palm Beach County Jail, arriving Wednesday night. According to his booking
    Lowery has been charged with Obscene Communication Using a
    Computer to Seduce or Lure a Child, Lewd and Lascivious Behavior with the
    Offender being 18 Years of age or older and the Victim less than 16 Years of
    Age, two counts of Lewd or Lascivious Exhibition Online and two counts of
    Computer Pornography and Child Exploitation. He is being held on $200,000 bond.
    At his bond hearing this morning, which his parents attended, Judge Ted Booras
    also ordered that he be barred from using computers as a condition of bail as

    Update – Brandon’s trial is going to a jury and is supposed to be held starting October 13th, 2009 barring any more unforeseen hearings and whatnot.

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