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    Generally I try not to make fun of what people do to get
    their kicks in a sexual manner. I wouldn’t call myself a prude or anything but
    I am pretty much straight-forward when it comes to sex. Just because I don’t
    think I would participate in something like wife-swapping doesn’t mean I think
    it’s wrong or anything. When it comes to children and pedophilia I have to draw
    the line though. There are plenty of people out there willing to indulge in
    whatever nasty fantasy you have without involving children.

    43-year-old Gregory Vance White from Port St. Lucie, Florida
    doesn’t seem to share my reservations about children apparently. As a matter of
    fact White is a stinking, nasty scumbag pedophile. According to his wife Teresa
    he’s taken several trips to Central America and the Caribbean where child
    prostitution is much more prevalent in order to indulge in his sick fantasies.
    He didn’t stop there unfortunately. White also felt the need to inflict his
    diseased sexual barbarity on his three-year-old daughter as well.

    Last week Greg White got online in a chatroom apparently
    frequented by pedophiles and began talking to a man local to him. The man
    supposedly had an 11-year-old daughter. Believing that the man had similar
    interests as him White informed the man that he had anal intercourse with his
    three-year-old daughter, bragging to him that “she likes it”. The man also gave
    White his phone number. At that point he called the man, who is an undercover
    detective for St. Lucie County. Haha, dumbass. Didn’t see that coming, did you?

    Anyway, he called to propose a sort of sick swap. He would
    get to have sex with the eleven-year-old girl and the detective would get to
    have oral sex with his young daughter, probably barely out of diaper. Ew. Yuck.
    Not to mention the fact that the girl is actually two and White lied to the
    detective about that as well.

    So Gregory White set up a meeting time with the undercover
    cop but later that evening he called the detective back and let him know that
    his wife had come home from work sick and that they would have to reschedule
    their meeting for the next day.

    Rightly enough Sgt Grant King from the St Lucie County
    Sheriff’s Office said that they were concerned enough for the safety of the
    little girl that immediate action needed to be taken. A search warrant was
    granted and police went to White’s house that evening. White was surprised that
    the man he was chatting with was a cop as well as the fact that the police
    showed up at his house that night. He claimed that it was all a fantasy

    Gregory Vance White was arrested on the evening of the 21st
    and has been charged with solicitation, attempting to sell or buy a minor into
    sex trafficking and sexual performance on a child. He may also end up facing
    federal charges as well. His children
    are staying with their mother. That is when she’s not at work at night as a
    stripper I guess. Oh by the way, she also knew that White likes little girls.

    Want to know what really sucks though? If this is his first
    offense and there is no other proof of his activities aside from his little
    chat with the undercover detective the great and noble state of Florida will
    slap him on the hand. We can only hope that he does end up facing federal
    charges because he may end up with probation in Florida.

    Gregory does have an online presence. His user name in the chat room was gregoryvancewhite. A couple of online profiles include one at Flickr with the same name. His photostream is mainly coral and rocks and stuff like that, nothing particularly incriminating

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    2 Comments to "Gregory Vance White Wanted to Swap"

    • That story is insane!
      This guy should be sent to Jail immediately and get a chemical castration, I can´t really believe what he is doing especially that anal shit on a 3years old girl.
      The last part of the article says “his children are with their mother.” Is this the SAME stripper mother who acknowledges that her husband likes younger girls? She didn’t say younger women… She KNOWS he likes little girls. The kids are with HER??? Wow, so what’s she going to do??? Take them to the strip club and trade them for tips? TAKE THE FLIPPIN’ KIDS AWAY FROM THEM

    • mary says:

      How do people think that they can justify having sex with children??? I live in Florida and think that this whole state has some very sick people. Hopefully Bubba will take care of justice in the prison that this sicko is in.As for the mom come on get a clue Florida DCF.She should not be aloud to stay in the home with her “mother”.

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