A Bloody Goatfuck…

Today was awful.
It was one of the most god-awful ugly days at work that I have had in a long time.
It was so fucking ugly it actually started yesterday. I could just stop there but then my post would be four sentences. I feel like ranting anyway…
One of my store managers has been around for awhile now and has the experience and the potential to do a really good job and make a lot of money out of the store. The problem is that he’s only interested in hitting the door as quickly as possible and doesn’t seem to care about the long-term effects of putting crappy people to work. Just as long as he gets to go home as quickly as possible…
Unfortunately I got to come behind and work with the same crappy people today. Add in the fact that I have flu-like symptoms to the point where I feel like death warmed over and it just kept getting worse.
On a normal day my waitresses will keep an eye on the grill for me for the first 20-30 minutes of each shift, unless it is particularly busy. This is because I have to get my daily sales numbers from all three stores, make sure they are staffed and pass on any messages or words of wisdom to the managers. Then I call the numbers upline to my boss who does the same thing after speaking with his other two district managers. This means that if I’m not paying particular attention to the grill area when I first walk in the door at 6:30am I’ll miss it if things are nasty. I can’t even see my dick to pee straight at 6:30 in the morning. The graveyard shift is pretty slow and most of the cooks spend the time cleaning. Not so Friday morning. The girl who cooked Thursday night must have spent her time fucking sleeping and by the time I rolled out on the grill area at 7:30 and realized just how fucking nasty it had been left it was too late. I spent the first hour of the shift just cleaning the mess up.
Other than the fact that I got to work with a dumb-assed cook it really wasn’t all that bad of a day. I felt somewhat rough, which made things bad but we all have bad days.
Not so today…
Along with my daily regimen of Protonix and Vytorin I am also back on Chantix again in order to try and quit smoking (more on that later). I also downed one of those old-fucker vitamins I’ve been taking recently and about 1000 mg of Vitamin C to try and counteract the effects of the creeping crud that’s been getting me down since I woke up Thursday morning. A cup of coffee, shit and shower and I headed off to work. One of my four waitresses for this morning had called in on me last night with the same shit I have and since I hadn’t any luck replacing her last night I spent the first fifteen minutes of my day sitting in the parking lot trying to get covered. By the time I made it inside it was about a quarter till seven and about time for me to do the drawer change. One of the waitresses had shown up and my cook wasn’t there yet either. I made it to the office and realized that in my light-headedness I had left my keys on my desk.
At home.
25-minutes later and I’m back at work with said keys and had three waitresses and my cook. I managed to get the drawer changed and this started to get ugly. One of the girls came back and told me the cook was fucked up. Sure enough the stupid pill-popping bitch had come in stoned. She was cooking (if you can call it that) with no apron or hat, no gloves and had fucking grey sweat pants on.
Jesus jumping christ.
I told her that she couldn’t work out of uniform, figuring that I was going to get stuck cooking the day by myself but apparently she had her damned pants in her car. WTF? She claimed to have overslept and was just having a hard time getting her act together but would be fine shortly. Rather than doing the right thing and send her ass home for the day I just said “OK” figuring that maybe she really had just gotten up and was trying to come down from whatever it was she had done last night.
I was so fucking wrong.
Normally on a Saturday as slow as today was I can get all of my paperwork finished, get the daily food pull and prep work finished, banking and then spend the rest of the time cooking until it’s time to go home. Not so today. Except for a couple of much-needed smoke breaks I spent the entire day on the grill with the dumb bitch. I don’t have a problem with you if you are slow but combine slow, stupid and stoned and it’s a combination I have no fucking patience with.
Up until about 10:30 or 11 it was extremely irritating but the food was coming out and I managed to keep my mouth shut. Then it started getting busy and things got ugly fast. No, not ugly. It was a bloody goatfuck it was so bad. I was pretty much operating everything and just running around the girl. Food wasn’t coming out too much slower than normal but I was in a hurry and making a huge mess. I didn’t have time for niceties like wiping shit down when I was having to work around someone. Luckily one of my dedicated employees came in around that time and offered to help out for a while. We moved the other girl down to the end where all she had to do was cook some waffles and drop toast. How fucking hard could that be? Apparently it was still too much because then I wasn’t getting toast and waffles.
About that time I must have said something that set her off. I was waiting for toast for several plates and asked her where it was. Her comment was “I know I made it, somebody must have stolen it” to which I answered in an extremely snarky voice “I guess the shit must have jumped back in the bread bag”. I can be extremely sarcastic most of the time, it helps to have a bit of humor but I must have said it in a pretty mean manner because after that she spent the rest of the time outside crying. Fuck her and the pills she rode in on. The day went much better after that. Still didn’t manage to get out of there until about 5:30 this evening. I wasn’t particularly happy about that but it comes with the territory I suppose.
I did send the manager of that particular store a text message this afternoon before I left though. He’s got next weekend off which means I’ll be spending Saturday and Sunday in his store. I told him not to bother scheduling one of his fucking crack-heads, that I would bring my own help next weekend…

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