I don’t have a lot of patience with drug users or other assorted losers like that. I don’t actually have a problem with them doing the drugs unless it will effect other people. Hell, I did my share (and probably your’s too) as a teenager and then drank heavily until my early twenties but then children came and things change. It was time to grow up and act like a parent. That’s when I start having problems with people that drink and drug when they are in the responsible position of being a caretaker. I had to spend my day at work with a damned pill-popper today so my tolerance level is extremely low right now which is probably why a loser like Christina Robledo (MySpace) pisses me off so much tonight. (H/T to LiLo and Trench – both linked)
Back in May of this past year 911 was called and police arrived at the scence to find that baby Neveah Salinas Robledo was not breathing and was pronounced dead after being transported to the hospital. 
Originally police were ready to chalk it up to SIDS and didn’t believe that Robledo was responsible for the child’s death. That is until it was found that Robledo was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. It took until September for the Coroner’s report to be released to the police in September and then took them another month to get arrest warrants done. What the hell is up with California? Four months for a coroner’s report? Christ. Anyway, the report said that Christina rolled over in her drug-induced haze and smothered the baby to death. The warrant is for Voluntary Manslaughter and although it was taken out in October the authorities have waited until last week to release it and are now hoping (eight months later) that the public will be able to help them find Robledo, who is apparently in hiding or on the run.
If you have any information that will help find the mother of the week please feel free to call homicide detectives at 408-277-5283.
Anyone know what the hell is up with her eyebrows? She looks like a klingon.

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