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I wrote several posts a few months ago about Erin Maxwell and her family and thought it was about time to update the story here.
A couple of weeks ago Alan Jones appeared in an Oswego County courtroom for a hearing. A large part of the hearing centered around the fact that a full autopsy report still has not been released. Remember, the medical examiner released a one-page summary back in the fall that said Erin’s death was homicide by asphyxiation with sexual trauma as a contributing factor.  The ME’s office has been directing all questions about the autopsy to the Oswego County DA. Apparently the medical examiner has been out of work for quite a while and although the DA has made several requests for the report it still hasn’t been released. During the hearing Judge Hafner ordered the DA to write a formal letter requesting it.
Alan Jones’ attorney also filed several motions during the hearing including one that asked for his $250,000 bond to be reduced so that he can get out on bail until the trial. The motion was denied.
Earlier today the DA in the case, Donald Dodd, filed a motion asking the judge to stop Jones’ lawyer from releasing information in the case, saying that he is tainting the jury pool. What triggered the motion is a report that was put out last week that said while Erin was visiting relatives on the west coast last year she played a game that involved choking. Alan Jones’ attorney obviously wants that out because it can put a bit of doubt out there and it fits in with the theory that she accidently hung herself. Of course that doesn’t explain the sexual trauma.
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