Smoke and Mirrors

Tuesday was just another normal day for me. No TV, no radio,
nothing but fucking scattered smothered covered. It’s not a bad thing really,
being removed from American media consciousness for seven to twelve hours at a
time. It’s actually a nice reprieve from the bullshit I get in abundance when I
am in front of the computer or TV. Not that I am without some news of course. I do have my crackberry with me all the time.
You should try it sometime. It’s like being out in the fucking woods. I’ve even
taking to locking my phone up in the office while I’m out on the floor. You
actually have to call me on the landline at one of my stores if you want to
speak with me.

How fucking twentieth century…

When I picked up the girls Tuesday afternoon and arrived
home it was to find out that 90% of what they did was to watch the events
surrounding the inauguration all day. Basically there were no lessons, no education.
At first it kind of pissed me off and still does to a smaller degree. Sure, it
was a momentous occasion. A black man in the Presidency indeed. My
great-grandparents are rolling over in their southern graves right now. I think
it’s a great thing but for different reasons than others.

President Obama’s historic election of a Negro into the
office of the chief executive of the United States may just spell doom for the
great lie of entitlement that a large majority of black people have. Like many
young men I was told I could be anything when I grew up, even President. I’m
sure a young Barack Obama was told the same thing as well. We all are at one
point or another, even if the teller doesn’t believe it himself. The election
shows people everywhere that we are
all created equal and shouldn’t need racial quotas and other bullshit
government programs to get ahead. Just get off your lazy fucking asses and pull
yourself up by the bootstraps. Before you call me some dumbass uneducated
cracker I offer the same advice to my brethren fucking lazy-assed white trash trailer
dwellers, some of whom have relatives that work for me. Quit taking my fucking
paycheck by gunpoint in order to satisfy your food stamp addiction to Little
Debbie Snack Cakes while you collect your fucking unemployment check, or
welfare check, or disability check. I work my fucking ass off 70+ hours a week and
pay out 30% of my income so you can sit around surfing the internet and
watching television. Sorry motherfuckers.

While I am fairly conservative in my tastes of
representation I’m not a rabid right-winger and think that a bit of change is a
good thing. You have to shake things up every once in a while, particularly at
the top of the heap. Obama’s got some good ideas but I am concerned with how
much will actually come to fruition and how much is actually just smoke and
mirrors, a veritable vaudevillian show on CNN. Take some of the stuff being
posted at the White House web site for instance. I’m not talking about the jab
about President Bush’s handling of Katrina. I’ll get to that in a minute. I’m
talking more about the healing of the country and fixing the economic “woes” we
are facing. How much good can he actually do when it’s more the fault of his
brothers in Congress and their predecessors in the first place. It’s not Bush’s
fault or even Clinton for that matter. It’s the lying sacks of shit that we
keep re-electing to the United States Senate and the House of representatives
that are the problem and I didn’t see much change there, that’s for damn sure.
That big dog turd Barney Frank is still in office. If we as Americans really wanted change and magic and
unicorns his sorry sack of shit self would be standing in the unemployment line
right now.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss…

Same Shit Different Day…

Velociman always posts something that will either make me
think really hard or laugh until I shit my pants. This time he did both.
This brings me to the Katrina deal. It’s haunted President Bush’s
administration for the last three years and well it should. I agree with V-man
in that it was a complete lack of class and panache that this was put up on the White House site in the
first place. It shoes the utter lack of disregard most of the liberal
establishment has for anyone that disagrees with them. For the last two months
George Bush has been very gracious in trying to make sure that this was as
smooth a transition as possible. I certainly didn’t hear any reports of people
scurrying out of the White House crying “the niggers are coming, the niggers
are coming!” No, what I heard was “we need to cooperate and get this done”. No
keyboards missing the “O” either after the old guard left.

The part I am not seeing on too many sites that belong to
non-left-wing liberals is the fact that although it was distasteful, it was the
truth. Obviously now, Katrina was a natural disaster and there is nothing that
the government could have done. The way things were handled after the fact was
fucking deplorable. President Bush couldn’t have done what he did much
different but he does share in the blame simply because he was the sitting
president at the time. The blame should be shared pretty evenly from FEMA all
the way down to Mayor Nagin. The way things were handled and the pissing
contests between different jurisdictions and levels of government was just
awful but guess what you stupid fucks. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW. That goes for the
elected criminal representing Louisiana all the way up to the Department of
Homeland Security. You reap what you sow and you get what you pay for (and
oftentimes ASKED for).

You want to live in a bureaucratic boondoggle where the
nanny state takes care of every problem? That’s exactly what you fuckers asked
for and it is exactly what you got and their response to Katrina was par for
the course for bureaucrats everywhere and it’s because of the attitude. They have
the same attitude we all do. Entitlement. Everything should belong to me and
fuck everyone else.

I’m damn sure not immune to it either. I want my
little piece of the pie and if you fuck with it I’ll cut your heart out.

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